Fiona Rogers

Hello and welcome. My name is Fiona Rogers, I am an experienced Counsellor registered with the BACP. In addition I have postgraduate training in Psychology (Pg Dip Psych)

 I have always  been very interested in working with developmental trauma. My initial therapeutic  training was in Child and adolescent counselling, which included a two year infant observation where I got a real sense of the attachment process and what can get in the way of secure attachment. 

Working with children and teenagers gave me a greater understanding of how environmental failures impact on the developing child in terms of the adaptive strategies that they have to develop to manage their experience.

 As my work expanded into adult therapy I began to see these same strategies show up in the here and now. Strategies that were essential to survive childhood experiences but are no longer necessary and impacting on the lives of my clients, so profoundly that they had become limiting, disconnecting and distressing for them. Along with a lingering sense of emptiness, physical exhaustion, and a feeling of being different in some way or  damaged, with  a profound lack of hope.

 I began to look for a therapeutic approach that addressed trauma as a full body experience.  One that has a  lasting psycho-biological  impact on the mind heart and body and how we relate to ourselves and engage with the world. I became aware of the Neuro-affective Relational Model (NARM) developed by Dr Laurence Heller in the US . 

I completed a two year NARM therapist training where I was really able to explore and experience a very different approach to addressing the here and now impact of adverse childhood experiences and resolve complex developmental trauma.

 My work experience over the years in the field of psychotherapy and counselling has included working with children, teenagers and adults. I have extensive experience of working with adults, most recently in the last five years as part of my work in a children’s hospice as well as in private practice. My current focus is working with adults using the NARM approach. I also work with children and young people with an integrative approach.